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Protecting your immune system


I can get pretty freaked out about some of the things I'm about to share in this page. Sometimes when I read them, I feel that they are directed at those around me and I am the leper. But I have to remember, that these things are also for MY health and safety.

Germs in the form of bacteria, viruses or parasites can be anywhere in our environment. We can't avoid them all but we can take some precautions. Here are some tips I've found to help guard against minor infections:

~In your kitchen and bathroom--the cleaner the better. Always use disposable materials for cleaning. It has also been suggested to use different materials to clean each one so as not to cross contaminate. Use pump soap instead of bar soap and paper towels for drying hands. Don't share shaving utensils or your toothbrush.

~If you clean up after your pet yourself, you might come in contact with bacteria or parasites that could cause infections. If at all possible, ask a friend to clean up after your cat or dog. If you must do it, use a mask and some disposable gloves.  We have 2 cats, my husband has graciously volunteered to do this little dirty job for me.


~Scrupulous cleaning or peeling of raw vegetables and fruit in addition to thoroughly cooking meat, destroys bacteria and parasites. Skip the raw fish (sushi), raw beef (steak tartar), Caesar salad (has raw eggs). I love Caesar salad--had to give that one up. But I've never been much on raw fish!!

~Be extremely careful if traveling to less-developed or Third World countries--the health codes are not as strict has the United States.

~Talk to your doctor about vaccinations. He may suggest annual flu vaccines.