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Positive Living

One advantage I believe that was in my favor when I

tested positive was that I had been in recovery

from alcoholism and drug addiction for a few years.

Thus I had an understanding of the importance

of living One Day At A Time.

Although I must admit, it took several weeks for this

to kick back in. We have to make the most of each

day that we are still here and alive. Our emotional

attitudes and beliefs definitely can cause disease

or the progression of disease. Our immune

systems are so complex and affected by our external

environment as well as internal hormonal changes and

chemicals that are released by our brain. All of these--our

bodies, emotions and spirit-- are all linked together

and any changes can have a profound effect. If we

are angry or at peace or under extreme stress, all cause

different chemical reactions within us, thus effecting

our immune responses.We must focus on the here and now.

We are alive NOW, so we need to make the most of it!

We must decide what's really important to us and

what doesn't matter. What little things during our day are

we able to change or what must be accepted as is?

We need to reduce the stress in our lives and find other

activities to do that provide some inner peace and

"calm" time.There are days that we are not feeling

well--increased fatigue, physical aches and pains

but our lives go on. There are still obligations.

I still work, there are still bills to pay, a child to raise

(he was 9 when I tested +), a marriage and my

sobriety to maintain. There are still so many things that

need to be done. There are even occasions that

I forget about the virus for a while!

In Alcoholics Anonymous, part of the program is

to live in today. I can make amends for things in my past

because now that I am faced with my own mortality,

I certainly don't want to have any undue burdens or

guilt. They are too heavy to keep carrying around.

And I need all my strength. So I choose not to

live in the past nor regret it any longer. I have no

idea what's going to happen tomorrow because it's

not here yet, so, today is all I have.


If we stand with one foot in yesterday

and one foot in tomorrow

we pee all over today!!


So find a way to reduce stress and live positive!

Try exercise, reading, meditating, writing, drawing,

painting, sewing, listening to music

or enjoy the outdoors.