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Here are some of the sites I have found most helpful

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection


The AIDS Daily Summary Database


Occupational Exposure

Site for healthcare workers--Excellent site


AIDS Treatment Data Network

This site has a glossary for all terms pertaining to HIV/AIDS


The Body

HIV/AIDS Information Resource


Until There's A Cure

Our wish is that no one else becomes infected with HIV


I Wear a Red Ribbon

This is an excellent story of living with HIV


Marty Howard's HIV/AIDS HomePage

He was on the 48-Hours program on Gene Therapy

that aired Feb. 9, 1995. Tons of information here.


aids mosaic

Fight AIDS, Not People With AIDS


The AIDS Memorial Quilt

Help bring an end to AIDS


The Campaign for Health Care Worker Safety

Site by another HIV+ nurse


Women Alive

Women infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS


National Association of People with AIDS

Voice for the needs and concerns of all people

infected and affected by HIV/AIDS


End of Life Issues

Amazon has a wide selection of books from

nutrition to law


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